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“a process of self-regulation by a profession”


Diagnosis of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition

A reference app that includes DSM-V diagnostic criteria for mental disorders. The criteria are presented in a checkmark quiz format to aid in memorizing or easy recall. The users are able to test their knowledge of the diagnostic criteria using the app’s test format and scoring system. BOTTOM LINE:  Diagnosis of Mental Disorders is a good idea that is poorly implemented. Its confusing interface, lack of a help features, and non-standard exam format limit the app’s potential. My impression is that I’m better off just picking up the pocket version of the DSM-V (or the app published by the APA) and reviewing diagnostic criteria for the different conditions.

1 comments Posted 01/31/2014 at 06:00 am by: medical-app-journal

Mosby's Nursing Consult

Mosby’s Nursing Consult is a compilation of various point-of-care and reference tools for nursing professionals It includes mostly written evidence-based instructions with some pictures.  BOTTOM LINE:  Mosby’s Nursing Consult is a great value (free) if your institution already has a subscription. The drug calculator and drug information is excellent, and much other content & monographs is available in both English and Spanish.  However, nothing beyond the drug calculator is available offline, which may limit it’s use based on your clinical setting.  

1 comments Posted 01/28/2014 at 01:41 pm by: medical-app-journal

Searching the Medical Literature on a Mobile Device

At the Medical App Journal we pride ourselves on finding the ‘right’ individual to provide peer review for any given medical app. Finding a reviewer with established and verified expertise in a given field is the first step to producing app reviews that are informative, insightful and trustworthy.   For every review published on our site, there has been extensive ‘behind the scenes’ efforts to find a reviewer with the appropriate background and credentials to inform his or her impression of a medical app. Most medical apps are targeted toward a specific discipline (i.e. dermatology, surgery) or group of disciplines (i.e. chest medicine, musculoskeletal medicine).  However, there are some medical apps that don’t fit any particular discipline or profession, which makes the ta

1 comments Posted 01/22/2014 at 07:54 am by: medical-app-journal